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Staging a Home – 4 Expert Tips on How to Do it Right

Friday, October 28th, 2016

If you’re planning in staging a home – your home – to command a better price in the real estate market, and you plan to do it yourself, you’ll certainly need some expert advice. home service expert More so if this is your first time to tackle such a project. But don’t worry, it’s possible and very doable.

In staging a home, you’ll first need to assess the condition of your house and decide which homestaging project you need to tackle. You also need to consider your budget because every homestaging project entails some cost. You may be interested to know that based on experience, the exterior of your house, the kitchen and the bathroom are the three key areas where you can get the most bang for your buck. Investing on these areas will greatly increase the total value and desirability of your home.

Now, after going through this essential first step, it’s time to get busy. So, don on your workman’s trousers and be prepared to break a sweat! Here are some expert tips on how to stage a home, the do-it-yourself way:

1. De-clutter. If you want your house to look more stylish and a lot bigger, get rid of all the clutter. Take off all your post-it notes on the refrigerator door, remove stacks of paper on your desk and pack all your personal photos. Remember, once you’ve decided to offer your house for sale, it’s no longer yours.

2. Check your floors and carpet. The quality and condition of your flooring can greatly affect the total visual impact of your home. If your floors are covered with carpet and they are still in good condition, you can simply have them steam washed and you’ll be okay. If, on the other hand, your carpets are showing signs of extreme wear and tear, it’s better to remove them altogether. Then, have your floorboards restored, or have someone install floating laminate floors or tiles instead. Remember to check for the best deals in town before buying.

3. Apply a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to magically transform your house. Steer clear of bold, outrageous colors, even if you personally prefer them. Remember, it’s not your house anymore. It would be someone else’s in a few weeks. Neutral-colored interiors appeal to the most number of people so it’s best to use them instead.

4. Try to strike a balance. In simple terms, use furniture and furnishings that are appropriate for the size of the room. Don’t put huge pieces of furniture in a small room or small focal pieces in a large room- it just won’t look good. For example, putting a king-sized bed in a small room will cramp the space while a single bed in a large master suite would also look out of place.

And don’t forget to have a professional house cleaning service come over. It’s another expense in staging a home but it’s well worth the cost!

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